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Starting package

Pinsa Romana has created a starting package for you who is new to Pinsa bread.

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Pinsa i ugnFor the endcustomer

Very good digestibility - Due to a minimum of 80% hydration.

Low on calories - Due to high protein in the soy flour and thar the weat flour is not refined ie containing no starch.

Good for vegans and vegetarians - Due to it is without animal fat.

Low content of gluten - Due to that only 30% of the dough contain wheat.

GMO Free - The Pinsa does not contain any gen modifications.

For the restaurant

80% Hydration - You sell water, which has no or low cost.

Customer hungry quicker - Due to faster digest of the lighter dough.

No animal fat - No obsticle for vegans and vegetarians to become customers.

Prebaking- The Pinsa can easily be prebaked, decorated and exposed to the endcustomer and sell it´s self.

Make your own- The prebaked Pinsa can be used by the endcustomer to decorate themselves and be paid f.ex on weight.

No Pizza Chef - The prople who work does not need advanced training.

Desserts- Due to low content of salt the end products can be sweet solutions for dessert.

Storage - The prebaked Pinsa can easily be stored for long in a freeser or as vacuumpacked.

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